Free software that allows you to sell your computing power and earn bitcoins.



We recommend console mining as this software is more faster in mining rather than web mining.

First, download miner which will automatically detect your hardware (CPU or GPU). A dedicated GPU can mine anywhere from 150-1,000 hashes per second, depending on your cards. A processor can mine anywhere from 10-300 hashes a second depending its performance and clock rate. GPU mining is a lot more profitable. Find your estimated hashrate(s) for your parts here.

We also offer auto multicoin this feature automatically switches your mining capacity to coin, which gives the best financial result in US dollars at the moment. You will be always sure that you haven’t missed opportunity to increase profits. If you do not want to download anything, that is okay too. We offer an in-browser miner. However, you will not get the best hashrate for your processor this way. A dedicated miner will yield the best results.

Note: All your earnings will go to this address. If you want to change it, just input another address. We only accept faucethub btc address for now. That’s it!
Download some mining software and you are ready to go.


This universal miner will automatically detect your hardware ( GPU or CPU ) and will start mining. GPU Mining is optional you can disable it anytime!


Getting problems? The following questions have already answered on the list, otherwise you can use our chat support.

These steps are only for 64 bit computers, please make sure to follow each step carefully!

  1. Download the software and its pools.txt file from downloads buttons above.
  2. Locate your downloaded files and extract it from the zip file.
  3. Find the pools.txt file and put it in the same folder location where the miner is extracted( xmr-stak.exe or miner and pools.txt or pools must have the same folder ).
  4. The file name pools.txt is your configuration of your miner for you to run it, please make sure that this is safe this is a very important file.
  5. Now you can start mining! Open the xmr-stak or miner exe file and it will automatically detect any GPU and start earning with GPU + CPU.

HAPPY MINING! If you have problem on downloading you can visit the FAQ, or simply use our chat support on the right side of the website.

Absolutely! It’s our recommendation if you have a lot.

Actually, we do! You’re just in the wrong page.

32-bit systems, mostly have weak CPU and lesser RAM and do not support modern GPU cards and thus will show very low monthly income. The computing power will just not be enough to save mining processes. So it DOES NOT make much sense to do cryptocurrency mining on such computers with 32-bit Windows OS.

However, we still create a software for 32-bit system for you to see in yourself! 32 BIT DOWNLOAD LINK

Yes, you can! GPU Mining is optional. You can disable it by opening the file named nvidia.txt and then delete all the contents inside it. Copy, paste this code “gpu_threads_conf” :null, and then save it.

If you want to enable back your GPU Mining, simply delete the file nvidia.txt and open your miner exe file again.

If the file cannot be found from the start, then which means that your computer have no GPU hardware.


WHY US? Well, of course, the final choice is yours. But note that our key benefits are direct BTC payments and high payouts. We allow higher payouts than anyone on the market. Don’t believe the words or beautifully drawn charts, just try and compare. Also, we do not force people to wait forever to get feedback from support. Everyone will get an answer and reasonable help/care in a short amount of time. Continuous service support and integration of new features makes us better day by day, stay with us and benefit from this.



We are still working on it! For temporary you can use button above to monitor your mining balance.

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